Foto by Bruno Trentini

Veneziacentopercento –  Rooms and Apartments in Venice

Feel as an authentic venetian for a while…

So your visit to Venice may not be a simple tourist passage in one of most important artistic and cultural locations in the world.. but the experience of living special days breathing the atmosphere of an enchanted city, being part of it, loving it, being able to see even it’s hidden side and heart, we don’t want  to offer just a clean  and wonderful hotel room, but a cosy stay in our family in an authentic venetian   home of the fifteenth century, where you can feel comfortable without renouncing to it’s old charm. Or, you can try  an apartment hidden within the most characteristic corners of the real city  …. We don’t want you to just come and simply visit Venice.. but we wish you  can   tell your friends and family once back home, that you’ve lived it throughly and intensely bringing back with you the most magical memories .. with the idea that you’ve been a real Venetian for a while …


Name Area Number of beds
Apartments type A (1 bedroom) Biennale - Arsenale 2 + 2
Apartments type B (1 bedroom) Biennale - Arsenale 2 + 1
Apartments type C (1 bedroom) Biennale - Arsenale 2 + 2
Apartments type D (2 bedrooms) Sestiere Castello 2 + 2 + 2
Apartments type E (2 bedrooms) Biennale - San Pietro 2 + 2
Apartments type F (1 bedroom) Sestiere Castello 3 + 2
Rooms Biennale - Arsenale 4+2