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5 Best Place To Visit In Venice Italy

Popularly known as the most romantic city in Italy and the world, Venice is a magnet to thousands of visitors both local and foreign. It is a lively destination especially for newly-weds, dating mean and women as well as those who are already married.

5 Best Place To Visit In Venice Italy

Visiting this place can leave you refreshed and happier. Here are five of its most outstanding features, which are a must-see for any visitor to the city of love.

1. St Mark’s Square: Rich in history and great architecture, this place attracts a bigger chunk of Venice tourists every year. The Square is location to some of the government’s important buildings and other facilities that are important to the Venetians. St Mark’s Square is the largest square in Venice and home to the famous St Mark’s Basilica. The church, popularly known as ‘Church of Gold’ due to its opulent features, has been the headquarters of the church in Venice since 1807.

2. The Grand Canal: Formerly nicknamed the most beautiful street in the world, the Grand Canal is one of the places you must visit in Venice. With its attractive water-traffic corridor cutting through the city between series of magnificent buildings, it is a sight to behold. The remarkable sight is ideal for those who want to propose to their partners, as well as relaxing in a panoramic view of nature.

3. St Mark’s Basilica: Basilica di San Marco stands out as the most famous church in Venice. With its bell tower of about 323 feet high, the church is a remarkable landmark in Venice city. The area around the basilica is also popular for pigeons.

4. Bridge of sighs: This is another must-see feature in Venice. The legendary bridge links the palace of Doges to prison cells across the Rio di Palazzo. It is one of the great sights in Venice.

5. Rialto Bridge: Built in the 16th century, the Rialto Bridge is a sight to behold in Venice. It is the only bridge across the Grand Canal. Taking a photo atop the bridge is an opportunity and a daring experience you cannot miss.

These are just some of the best five spots to visit in Venice. There are more places to see when you actually present yourself in the Romantic City of Venice. You will have the opportunity to explore many other areas that are rich in history, culture, entertainment, and great food: Have a look at our special offers.


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