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Clock Tower Venice

The Wonders of Clock Tower Venice, Italy

When you visit Venice, Italy, one of the sights you cannot afford to miss is Clock Tower Venice, which stands out as one of the most significant landmarks in the city. This feature in the city of Venice continues to draw thousands of tourists from several parts of the world for a face-to-face encounter with the emblem of design and engineering.

Clock Tower Venice

Clock Tower Venice

Built in first in 15th century and restored in the 19th century, the tower and its astronomical clock have been the peak of architectural landmark in Venice. As a masterpiece of technology and engineering, the tower presents an image that no visitors to Venice can choose to ignore. In the recent years, it has become one of the features in Venice that bring tourists to Venice where they can get a face-to-face encounter with the clock that is embedded in a network of pulleys and gear system.

In a spiral metal staircase, you can reach the tower that houses the clock. From the tower you can have a clear view of the surrounding as you listen to the chiming sound of the clock. The clockwork is a combination of gear system and pulleys that beat silently in the tower.

If you plan to visit Venice, Italy, you can have the opportunity to set your eyes upon this wonderful feature. It is a nice spot for vacation that will leave you energized and revived. You can visit as a family as well. Around the place where it is located, it is a significant landmark delivering unforgettable sight.

Venice provides a suitable destination for spending vacation time after working for several days in a year. In addition to the clock tower, there are many sights to watch and activities to do in the city that can leave you refreshed and energized. However, of all the beauty of the surrounding, great restaurants and friendly citizens, the clock tower of Venice stands out as one of the most significant architectural landmarks.

The clock machinery involving a king and three angels all blend well to produce a masterpiece of engineering and artwork that is only evident in the city of Venice. The doors and the barrels are equally amazing, providing opportunity for hundreds of visitors to the place every year.

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