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Doge’s Palace

Countless places in Venice are gorgeous beyond belief, and the Doge’s Palace is, without a shadow of doubt one of them. This building in true gothic style was built in the 9th Century but, sadly, a fire destroyed most of it in the 10th Century and therefore had to be rebuilt in almost its entirety.

Doge's Palace

Doge’s Palace

This Palace has always been of great significance to Venice and one of its most popular and recognised buildings since, thanks to the fact it’s right next to a lagoon, those who used to arrive to the city by ship centuries ago would see it as soon as they would reach the city. Luckily for everyone, visiting the Palace can be easily done and therefore you will get the chance to see everything that is inside.

And what exactly will you be able to see once you find your way into the Doge’s Palace? Some incredible pieces of Italian art, of course. From paintings by artists such as Titian and Veronese to majestic staircases, some cells and, one of my personal favourites, the Bridge of Sighs. As well as all that, you will see columns everywhere but play close attention to them because you will notice they are all different from each other.

You might be wondering whether reaching the Doge’s Palace is easy or not. Well, worry not because it is extremely easy to reach since it’s located in one of the most popular squares in the whole world: Saint Mark’s Square. You can easily reach the place by foot from your hotel or, if you would rather do it the romantic way, take a gondola to take you through the canals of the city and get off as soon as you reach the back of the square.

Being in such a priviledged place means that, as well as visiting the Doge’s Palace, you will be able to see Saint Mark’s Square and all the different museums you will find around it. You can also go up Sain’t Mark’s Campanile, which will give you the chance to enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire city or, if you want to do something that every tourist who visits Venice does, feed the hundreds of pigeons that cover the ground of the square.

It might be a random idea, but it is one of those things you must absolutely do if you visit the Italian city of love.

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