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What To Eat In Venice Italy

What to eat in Venice Italy is something that any tourist will never fail to mention. I am simply talking about the Italian food; I mean the Italian cuisine that is known for its rather simple ingredients, flavors that are quite fabulous and really enticing aromas. I would be right if I describe the meals of Venice as among the most delicious on the planet earth. Actually, I can never think of Italian food without giving Venice the central attention.

What To Eat In Venice Italy: Tiramisu

What To Eat In Venice Italy: Tiramisu

Think of what to eat in Italy Venice; the first thing that comes to my mind is the traditional food just like any other region in the entire region of Italy. The location of Venice next to the sea makes it obvious that its gastronomic traditional specialties are majorly comprised of fish dishes. These dishes are then seasoned with herbs, vinegar, olive oil, parsley and garlic. The most notable fish in Venice is known as ‘Baccalà Mantecato’.

Frittelle alla Veneziana; this is also part of what to eat in Venice Italy. Fritelle is the national dessert in the region of Venice. They are tiny, fried doughnuts which are usually very sweet. They are made of Marsala, sugar, flour, lemon, and eggs.

Asiago cheese; this is my favorite cheese. It is in Venice where you can only find the finest cheese. Actually this cheese is imported to other regions outside Italy, and especially to the United States.

Cicchetti; this is the meal you will find in social places, especially in the bars. They are usually taken with wine particularly before dinner. They are simply food served in small portions. I really love taking them for fun during my local hang outs.

Tiramisù; this is another famous food that forms my choice of what to eat in Venice Italy. It mainly serves as dessert and is simply comprised of sponge cake which is then soaked in concentrated cocoa, coffee, Marsala and some amount of cheese.

Marinated sardines; I find this as a good example of traditional dishes in Venice Italy. This is made of sardines with onions; the mixture is then immersed in flavored sauce with some raisins.

Rice and fresh peas; this is commonly referred to as ‘Risi i Bisi’ and it forms one of the most tasty and famous dish in Venice.

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