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Family Holidays In Venice

When most people think of Venice the first thing is about romantic trips and activities for couples. Rarely does it cross ones mind that Venice can actually be a destination for families that have kids. Contarry to most opinion though, Venice can provide the perfect holiday for your kids. There are many activities that kids can get involved in not to mention the numerous sites to see.

Family Holidays In Venice

It is helpful to remember that there are no modern land means of transportation in Venice. There are no taxis and travelling light is an advantage. Pack small luggage bags for the kids, preferably suitcases with wheels that they can pull along. The only form of transport available in the city is in boats . You can check out travel deals mostly three days passes in vaporettis with chances for discounts awarded to small children and students.

In case you are using a stroller ensure that your child can leave it and walk for a while when you come to a rough terrain. Venice is full of bridges along canals and a stroller may be cumbersome. If the baby cannot walk ensure that you carry a backpack instead.

What worries most parents concerns the activities that the kids will enjoy. This should not be an alarming cause because there are plenty of things for your kids to do.

Take water bus rides. Children can enjoy the boat ride while their parents marvel at the beauty of the grand canal. It is easy to get yourself a vaporeti at any time. You can also take a boat trip to the beach in Lido or to the glass blowing Murano island.

The other great destination for your kids is the Peggy museum. It was once the home of a Venetian heiress . From here you can proceed to the San Marco square to enjoy the interesting artwork for kids in the bridge of Accademia . The pictures of animals flying in the sky together with the unique landscapes will help develop the imagination of artistic children.

Family Holidays In Venice: Peggy Museum

Stroll around the streets of Venice with your kids while enjoying ice cream treats. The walks can be tiring and one way to lure your kids while having quality family time is to buy them ice cream. Be sure to try the Artigianale style ice cream to increase the fun.

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