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Frari Church Venice

Right in the centre of the San Polo district in Venice, one of the many treasures of the city can be found: Frari Church Venice. Not many people know this but, although it started being built in 1250 and finally completed almost a whole century later, in 1338, but then it started being almost completely rebuilt straight after and another whole century had to go by before the church took its final form, the one all its visitors can still see today.

Frari Church Venice

Frari Church Venice

Built in the very typical and gorgeous italian gothic style, this church which has had the status of minor basilica for almost a century now, is one of the biggest churches in Venice but one of the most visited and loved ones. Inside the visitors get the chance to see true masterpieces by some of the most popular artists that Italy has given to the world, and that is why no other church in Venice can compete.

With pieces such as Madonna and Child by Giovanni Bellini, or a figure of St. John the Baptist created by Donatello, the Frari Church Venice is one of the many places in Venice where the art will overwhelm you so much that walking around it, staring at all these masterpieces for a few hours won’t feel like it’s enough.

As I previously said, the church is in the San Polo district, but getting there is made very easy thanks to one of the many little ships tourists can take in the city. The San Tomà Linee 1 – 2 ACTV will get you right in front of the church from the centre of the city, which means you will be able to visit some other attractions such as Saint Mark’s Square or the Dodge’s Palace before taking the public transport and reaching the church.

Venice has many things to offer to its tourists and that is why it’s one of the most visited cities of Italy. However, many people tend to visit the most popular places and forget about actual gems such as the Frari Church Venice. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the city without visiting this incredible place because seeing all that art and all that beauty inside such a relaxing building might very well end up being the highlight of your trip.

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