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Best Gondola Routes In Venice

Venice, one of the most charming cities in Italy with a centuries-old maritime tradition, is the ideal destination to spend a unique holiday. One of the most distinctive features of Venice is represented by its canals, in which you can enjoy an unforgettable tour aboard one of the traditional gongolas.

Best Gondola Routes In Venice

There are several itineraries available for all budgets, starting from 30€ up to 200€ or even more. In this practice guide we’re going to list best gondola routes in Venice.

1) If you are not willing to invest a huge amount of money, one of the best solution is to chose either summer or winter tour, depending on the season, which it will drives you through some new and not well-known areas, of one of the most enchanting cities in the world.

Route will start from Stazione Gondole Dogana di Calle Vallaresso, nearby the famouse Harry’s Bar, also mentioned in one of Hemingway’s greatest novels. During the tour, you will pass in front of Basilica della Salute, a majestic building which stands out the beautiful landscape between Bacino di San Marco and Canal Grande.

Afterwards you will be guided throught Venice’s smaller canals, to discover unusual sites of the city, lulled by the gondola’s gentle sway. Before returning to departure station you will have the chance to admire La Fenice, the main opera house in town.

2) For hopeless romantics, who want to enjoy a route cuddled by traditional melodies played in background, there’s a route made just for them. Tour will start from Stazione delle gondole di Santa Maria del Giglio, in which you’ll be sailing along with other gondolas around a boat carrying musicians and singers, on the basis of a secular tradition. An unusual itinterary to ensure an intimate experience, far from tourists’ eyes.

3) To enjoy a gondola route by having one all to yourself, the best option is to choose a private one, which starts from Hotel Danieli, an historical venetian building. Each gondolier will guide you into a customized route through minor canals, small treasures that can be discovered only by water, to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Venice.

4) The last and probably the best option that you can choose, it’s having a Tête-à-tête route, a real icing on the cake before a romantic dinner by candlelight at the traditional restaurant called Antico Pignolo. Tour will start from Stazione Gondole Dogana di Calle Vallaresso, and it will last approximately 25 minutes, passing through minor channels to end directly in front of the restaurant.

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