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Most Romantic Places In Venice

Think of Venice and romance; the two words are inseparable and in the first place, I actually thought the two words (Venice and romance) were made to be together or even better still, one word. From my own experience, I can say that Venice is the city of romance. Perhaps there are other romantic places on planet earth, but allow me to explore the most romantic places in Venice. These are the places whose experience with your partner will remain fresh in your minds, say for the rest of your lives.

Most Romantic Places In Venice

If you have ever thought of proposing marriage to your lover in a captivating and unique place, then you might have had Venice in mind. Going for honeymoon in the picturesque and quiet lanes and canal sides of Venice is the best experience that ever happened to my world of love. In this article, I will give a suggestion of some of the most romantic places in Venice. Please take a closer of these places.

The Accademia Bridge; this a place that goes into the history of famous lovers who sealed their deals of love at this exact point, I am talking about Greg Wise who made a marriage proposal to Emma Thompson on this great Accademia Bridge. You may wonder how this wooden bridge can offer a romantic atmosphere but it is until pay a personal visit together with your partner when you get to deepen your love while relaxing above the Grand Canal on this Bridge.

Zattere; this is yet another place to be counted on when it comes to romance in Venice. I will count it among the most romantic places in Venice. It is a busy place with people filling its lanes, restaurants, shores and cafes trying to get the maximum utility from the sweet sunshine in Venice. Going to the east of this pleasant place, you will definitely find yourself on a rather calm stretch of path that is sandwiched by old looking warehouses.

San Giorgio Maggiore; this island has also made its way into the statistics of the most romantic places in Venice. Well, what fascinates me with this island is the rather small square found at the entrance of church.

Standing on this square, just outside the church gives you the sweetest views of beautiful places such as the Palazzo Ducale, the peaceful entrance of the Grand Canal and the stretch that extends to St. Mark. Taking your partner to this place would be justified because the photographs taken from this place are very admirable. I am very sure that you will love the view of the entire island from the campanile, the art in the church and indeed the enjoyable view of the marina at the yachts.

Giudecca; this is another unique and peaceful island with sweet views of the lovely part of the town of Venice. It is worth noting that there are some beautiful unoccupied benches outside the restaurants and the expensive hotels, and I remember how such points became great moments for bonding with my partner.

If you really desire great romantic moment with your lover, then the place to be is the Hilton Stucky Hotel. I would direct you to try the rooftop part of this cool hotel. This is not the end, but there nearly all the restaurants in the town of Venice are known to be among the most romantic places in Venice.

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