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Murano And Burano Italy

Sights and Sounds of Murano and Burano Italy

Murano And Burano Italy

Murano And Burano Italy

They are known as the famous islands of the Venetian lagoon. Located in Venice, northern Italy, Murano and Burano display an archipelago of islands, separated by wide canals and joined together by bridges. Other islands included in the network are Torcello, san Servolo, san Giorgio Maggiorie among others. While Venice contains many islands, Murano and Burano Italy are known for their glasswork, lacework, and painted buildings.

The islands are densely populated, being homes of anglers. For instance, in Burano the population is at approximately 13000 people per square kilometre. Chains of residential buildings cover the islands, with only a few green areas remaining uncovered. Murano is popular for its glassmaking industries that date back to 1291.

Highlights of Murano and Burano Italy

On a half-day tour of the islands, you have a lot to see and enjoy. The cruise takes place on a comfortable motorboat from Venice, and as you proceed to Murano, you can have a view of the master glass industries, the cathedrals of Torcello, and the painted houses of Burano.

The cruise starts from Alilaguna Pier facing the Royal Gardens in Venice. As you move along the three islands, Murano becomes the first destination, where you are greeted with a picturesque of nine islets divided by a wide canal. Popular for its glassware shops and factories, you can visit the museum displaying the world-famous Murano glass. Besides, you have a rare opportunity to get up close with Murano’s palaces, cathedrals, and the 19th century cemetery.

On the other side of the island, Burano displays a picturesque of brightly painted anglers’ houses. Here you can view the popular lace that is associated with the island for many years since the 16th century. Visit the shops dedicated to lace making and other crafts before you catch your motorboat back to Venice. A visit to the islands is a memorable experience, based on what they provide, in terms of sightseeing and excursion. It is for this memorable experience that many tourists visit the islands every year.

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