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Museo Correr Venice

Museo Correr Venice is a unique museum that has existed since the 13th century. This museum expresses the history of Venice, Italy between the 13th and 16th century. It has the collection of unique paintings, pictures, coins, prints and military regalia. In fact, this old museum holds every item in Venice that was able to survive the renaissance and medieval periods.

Museo Correr Venice

Museo Correr Venice

Talk of an impressive building. The Museo Correr Venice is one of a kind. It has 15 rooms all of which have a unique story to tell about the long Italian history. Any tourist interested in getting a piece of two about the history of Italy should not leave the country without visiting this site.

This museum’s history began with the famous Teodoro Correr who was a noble man descendant that specialized in collecting important art and publicizing them in an open display for all to see. The museum has gone through a number of transformations and reorganizations that led to its current state from 1922 where its rooms have maintained a neo classical style.

Your visit to this museum begins with Napoleon wing where you get to see some of the unique Neo classical art, decorations and fittings. It is here that you get a taste of the French Italian traditional art sense.

Farther on with your visit you will notice some things that stand out. Certain portraits including those of the family of Bellini are spread over the walls. Some of this date back to the mid 1400’s but were lost until in the mid twentieth century when they were rediscovered. This is the most important part as it marks a transformation in an important artist’s career.

The last part of this museum is the Libreria, which is an important part of Italy’s culture. It shows the super marriage arrangements in the history of Italians. It is what captures the unique architecture of the 16th century with a classical touch that can be found nowhere else. Anyone desiring to have a glimpse of important ancient artist works should make a date and visit the Museo Correr Venice.

Luckily enough, the visiting hours are friendly. Furthermore, visitors will not have a difficult time accessing this museum, as it is located at the center of Venice. It is up to you to enjoy the rich history and art of Italy.

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