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Royal Gardens In Venice

There are many things that make Venice one of the most beautiful and therefore visited cities in the whole of Italy but, as always, there are some little places most tourists don’t know about when visiting the city which means they miss out on the chance of seeing certain places they would definitely love.

Royal Gardens In Venice

Royal Gardens In Venice

One of these places that spring to mind is the Royal Gardens in Venice. This is what you could call a pocket-sized garden, but that doesn’t mean visiting it isn’t completely worthy. It’s an extremely relaxing place with many different pergola-shaded pathways and countless benches where you can just sit, relax and take a moment to let all the beauty of the city just sink in.

The Royal Gardens in Venice, which belonged to Napoleon’s Royal Palace, are filled with various types of plants such as locust, laurel, beech, and oleander. Also, there you will get the chance to visit the Coffee House, a pavilion designed by the architect Lorenzo Santi, which is an extremely beautiful building.

The best thing about the Royal Gardens, is that they are situated in an extremely central place, which means getting there is extremely easy. In fact, they are located right between Piazza San Marco and the Grand Canal, so all you have to do to get there is reach one of these two hugely popular places and ask some of the locals how to reach the gardens.

Since the Royal Gardens are located in such a central place, it means that right after spending some time walking around or simply relaxing in them, you will have the chance to reach other places worth visiting by just walking for a few minutes, such as the already mentioned Piazza San Marco and the Grand Canal, or the incredible Basilica di San Marco, il Campanile di San Marco, or the Palazzo Ducale, all of them just a few metres away from the Royal Gardens.

As you can see, there are countless places to visit in Venice. Just do me a favour and don’t forget to give the Royal Gardens a visit, I can assure you you won’t regret it and I’m sure they will make you fall in love with this Italian city even more.

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