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Unusual Places To Visit In Venice

Venice is a place with peculiar traditions, areas and even characters which have been since the distant past. These places are usually nice and one can visit them especially during the autumn and experience a mild weather conditions. There unusual places in Venice include; the Jewish Ghetto, Torcello island, Bovolo Staircase, the Arsenale and the Rosa Salva.

Unusual Places To Visit In Venice: Bovolo Staircase

Unusual Places To Visit In Venice: Bovolo Staircase

One of the unusual places to visit in Venice is the Jewish Ghetto. The Ghetto is found in Cannaregio and in particular includes the Ghetto Nuovo and Ghetto Vecchio. This section is usually separated from Venice since it was been used as foundry so as to reduce the damage that could result if fire broke out.

This Ghetto grew as a result of a restriction that was imposed to the Jews of Venice from accessing this interior section of Venice. The expansion of the Jewish Ghetto was not easy since the place was tucked-away and had bridges which remained gated and was guarded during the night.

Torcello is another unusual place visit to in Venice. Torcello is one important Island where Venice as a city was born. However, due to malaria outbreak in Torcello the Rialto settlement which neighbors the Torcello began to rise.

Some of the unusual places in Torcello include the Santa Maria Assunta cathedral which has Madonna and also saints with golden mosaics. Also, there exists the Santa Fosca church which has the remnants of Libyan saint.

The Arsenale being among the unusual places to visit in Venice has galleys which were constructed to keep the place powerful especially during the Renaissance heyday.

The Arsenale is usually viewed as a small city where entrance is only through towers which are crenelated and which acts as a mark of the entrance to a shipyard canal. Buildings and even workshops in Arsenale have been revitalized and acts as exhibition centers during Biennale. In the nearby, also you can find the naval History Museum where you can have a glimpse of warships, other weapons and also gondolas which were used in the past.

At the Rosa Salva cafe found in Campo SS Giovanni is a place commonly known for its cafes which have sweet pastry confections over a very long period. It remains as the most popular places in Venice despite there been many other branches.

The Bovolo staircase is one of the unusual places to visit in Venice and is situated in close to the Campo Manin. The staircase of Bovolo is made unique due to the presence of a tower which has loop of arches in ascending position and which spiral from ground floor to the last floor.

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