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Venice Attractions Top 10

Venice is a city in the northeastern side of Italy. It is the capital of Veneto region and is located in the marshy Venetian Lagoon. It is widely known for its beautiful artworks, architecture, and setting. Venice is on the list of World Heritage site.

Venice Attractions Top 10

Venice Attractions Top 10 are the following:

1. Canals of Venice
They were built by nascent Venice in a swampy and sparsely settled lagoon to enable them escape the swords of the invading Barbarians. They date back to the 5th century.

The Grand Canal
The Grand Canal in Venice is broad and is 2-mile long. It is spanned by Rialto Bridge and has luxurious old palazzos with ornate Renaissance-style facades.

Getting around
The 150 canals are its streets for there are no roads for land passenger vehicles. People travel largely by boat or foot. They use their foot for their travel on the 400 pedestrian bridges linking the many islands of Venice.

When people cannot use foot for longer distances, they use the Vaporetto (water bus) or swift expensive water taxis. Tourists like to use gondolas.

2. St Mark’s Basilica and Campanile
Basilica and Campanile are magnificent structures in Venice. It is known for its medieval mosaics, exquisite golden altar screens, and gilded facade. It is nicknamed “Church of Gold”. This is because of the lavish gold used for decorating the exterior and interior surfaces.

It is the third Church in history to be built in Venice. The first was constructed to house the stolen remains of St Mark.

St Mark’s Campanile
This is a free standing bell tower next to Basilica. It collapsed in 1902 but has since been reconstructed. A person can take an elevator to St Marks’ Campanile top to see the beautiful Venice.

3. Venetian Alley Maze
Venice is laced with narrow alleys. They squeeze between buildings and can sometimes run along the city’s narrow inner canals. Getting lost in the alleys makes one discover shops, food markets, fountains, and restaurants. A person can get back by using a map guide or by asking the locals around.

4. Doge’s Palace
Doge was a government leader elected for life and lived in the palace. It transformed through reconstructions to the modern day 15th-century place. The top attractions are Grand Council chamber and the Bridge of Sights. It is conveniently situated and abuts the Basilica and square of St. Mark’s.

5. St Mark’s Square
It has pigeons flying everywhere and sometimes floods late in the year. It has superb restaurants the famous been Florian and Quadri.

6. Rialto Bridge
This is a photogenic stone bridge. It has spanned the Grand Canal for more than four centuries. Near the bridge is alfresco restaurant that give a ringside seat for viewing the heavy canal boat traffic pass under the bridge.

7. Bridge of Sighs
This connects Doge’s Palace. Prisoners after looking through the bridges windows sighed hence the name Bridge of Sighs.

8. Accademia Gallery
This is the museum that houses Venetian masterpieces of several gone centuries. Conventional artists include Giorgione, Titian, and two Bellinis.

9. Murano Island
This has glass blowers and is located at the nearby Venetian island.

10. Vaporetto

This is a water bus in Venice that assists locals travel between Venice and nearby islands like Lido and Murado. It has 19 scheduled lines.

Given above are Venice Attractions Top 10 that tourist around the globe can visit for enjoyment.

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