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Venice Italy Attractions

No other city in the world is as magic, intriguing and fascinating as Venice. Due to its peculiar location, the Serenissima, as the city is also referred to, looks like a huge theatrical setting miraculously floating on the water, offering different sensations and attractions which will never fail to fascinate you.

The starring view of the city just rising from the surface of the lagoon and contrasting with the pink and red summer sky or the fog wrapping the narrow calle streets in winter and fall will always remain in your mind, after visiting the attractions of Venice and Italy. Similarly, the exuberant Carnival celebrations or the high waters flowing through St Mark’s Square, the very heart of the city for over 8 centuries, will be remembered as unusual Venice and Italy attractions for ever.

While the giant bronze Moors strike the hour and the winged lion, the symbol of the city, watches from the Clock Tower Venice, you can have a Spritz, the typical aperitif in Venice, or a cup of coffee at historic cafés such as Caffè Florian and Caffè Quadri under the arcades of St Mark’s Square. Then, the exquisite flavor could bring you back to 1700 when Venice was the first city to import coffee to Italy and opened the first coffeehouses.

Venice Italy Attractions: Clock Tower

Venice Italy Attractions: Clock Tower

Venice attractions do not include only famous places and buildings such as St Mark’s Square, the Basilica with the great mosaics in Greek style, the Doge’s Palace, the Correr Museum or the most famous and historic of over 400 bridges, The Rialto. Its dense network of canals, calle and little squares, called campi, has inspired mysterious and dark legends, too.

Across the Canal Grande and beyond the Accademia bridge you will find Ca’ Dario, an unpleasant building to live in, since all the people who had their residence there experienced a troubled life and passing or so the anagram in Latin at the entrance should tell. Every year, on Feb. 17 the ghost of erethic Giordano Bruno, sent to the stake in 1593, is said to appear at his hosts’ house Ca’ Mocenigo on the Canal Grande.

But for more relaxing Venice destinations, you can go to the Arsenal, the former shipyard of the Venetian Republic, that even Dante Alighieri visited and cited in the Divine Comedy or Contarini Palace, built in gothic style with an extraordinary spiral staircase adorning the façade. When visiting Venice, you will notice that some ancient buildings are provided with special wooden terraces on the roofs.

Surely, you cannot imagine that during the Venetian Republic, especially on sunny days, women used to fade their hair by the application of a mixture and let them dry in the sun on rooftop. That is only one of many curiosities and attractions you can discover in Venice, Italy.

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