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Venice Italy Canals

When visitors arrive in Venice, they are fascinated by the magic of a city suspended on the water. Built on 116 islets, Venice is a real miracle of engineering and architecture. Where the land was not enough to build upon, Venetians availed themselves of a secret technique that made their city as unique as it is now.

Over 176 narrow canals and the main Canal Grande, Canale della Giudecca and Cannaregio connect the six historic areas of the city, named Sestrieri. You can see their symbol on the back of the gondolas, featured by decorative iron profiles with six notches. Either you sail by gondola, boat or ferry boat along Venice canals, you could hardly believe that most of the buildings you see are supported by millions of piles on which thick wooden platforms were laid.

When Venice canals are regularly dried out, unexpected objects are found out in the mud that has protected the wooden piles for centuries. From dishwashers to ancient swords and glass pieces, Venetian canals hide treasures of every age. The beautiful buildings, adorned with balconies and intricate decorations which face the canals are privileges that only Venice could benefit of, even in troubled times, since the winding canals prevented incursions.

The Canal Grande is the most important of the city’s canals, running for nearly 4 km. Along its banks, the richest Venetian palaces are lined. From Ca’ Foscari and Palazzo Pesaro to Palazzo Contarini-Fasan and Cà d’Oro, the view you enjoy is a stunning scenario, which Venice canals and Italy are very proud of. If you arrive in Venice by train and stop at Santa Lucia station, walk on the left to reach Cannaregio district, north of the Canal Grande, connected with the lagoon by the Cannaregio canal.

Venice Italy Canals: Ca' Pesaro

Venice Italy Canals: Ca’ Pesaro

Across Ponte delle Guglie, a bridge linking both banks of the Cannaregio Canal you can arrive at the Jewish ghetto, a real renaissance attraction. Last but not least, the wide Giudecca Canal, whose waters are the deepest of any other canal in Venice, is the location of the famous Redentore boat celebration which takes place in July. The sensational event culminating with spectacular fireworks, is part of countless attractions related not only to Venice canals, but Italy as well.

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