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Venice Italy Excursions

When in Italy, Venice excursions around the lagoon can surprise you with unique emotions and curiosities not to miss. Within a short distance from the city, the islets of the lagoon are easily reachable by ferry boat and disclose their secrets that make them so different and distinctive. In front of St Mark’s basin, the Giudecca islet is a sort of Venice extension, where in the past activities not suitable to be carried out in the historic center were confined, so that dyers and tanners worked there.

Anyway, Giacomo Casanova often docked at the Giudecca to reach a secret garden for his romantic dates. Owing to the quite location compared with nearby Venice, some monasteries were built there and Lord Byron himself spent 6 months in one of them, though the small islet of San Lazzaro degli Armeni was his most favourite destination. Just next to the bridge of Santa Eufemia, you can taste the typical wafer-thin beef carpaccio at Harry’s Dolci bar and restaurant.

Ancient craft traditions that do deserve excursions to Venice and Italy continue to be the main attractions of Murano and Burano islets.

Venice Italy Excursions: Burano

Venice Italy Excursions: Burano

Though made-in-China products have arrived at Murano, local glass masters still offer the opportunity to watch the art of glass making closely and the Glass Museum, with over 4000 pieces from different ages, is a must visit before leaving Murano. Lacemaking is an ancient tradition started six centuries ago, but is still alive on Burano islet, though authentic bobbin lace is becoming gradually rarer.

Among the brightly coloured buildings of Burano, Bepi’s house stands out for its peculiar façade, painted with multi-coloured motifs. Quite, green areas and isolated buildings feature the peaceful Torcello islet, though the Devil’s bridge hides the legend of a black cat appearing on Dec. 24th every year as the evil personification. But to the black cat’s legend, another rumour is added, according to which a big stone in the little square of Santa Fosca church was the throne of Attila, the king of the Huns, who definitely never set foot on Burano islet.

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