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What To Do In Venice In November

Venice – the rival of Paris for the title of “The City of Love”. Capital of the region of Veneto, in northern Italy, Venice is a gorgeous city – one of the most beautiful in the world, in fact – and thousands of people flock to Venice every year. If your chosen date to pay “La Serenissima” a visit is November, you might ask yourself: “What to do in Venice in November?”

What To Do In Venice In November


As for every other place in the world, there are better and worse times to visit throughout the year, according to factors such as the weather, seasonal festivals and special holidays, and simple personal preference. Venice is no exception – in fact, another thing you should factor in is the “high water” (“acqua alta” in Italian) which is how the periodical flooding typical of this city is called.

This occurrence is caused both by Venice’s location – it is after all on the coast – and by its many canals and waterways, and it generally takes place between October and January (as it is influenced by the weather conditions, dates cannot be accurate). However, this should not put you off – if less people are visiting Venice, that means you can avoid the usual crowd, get better bargains for accommodation and in general enjoy it more!

But what to do in Venice in November? The first, obvious advice, is to simply enjoy the feel of the city. Visit St. Mark’s Square, the market, the Bridge of Sighs, and all the most famous landmarks. When it’s not raining, Venice in November is often foggy and gives out spooky vibes, typical of a haunted city, which befits it very well – it makes getting lost among the “calle” so much better!

The opera season is also open in Venice at this time of year so consider booking a ticket for the splendid theatre “La Fenice“, which was built in the 18th century and still remains one of the main theatres in the city. The tickets may not be cheap but they are definitely worth every penny.

November festivals in Venice feature All Souls’ Day on November 1st and the festival “La Salute” on November 21st. While the former is common in the whole of Italy and in many other countries in Europe, the latter is typical of Venice as it commemorates the plague epidemic which took place between 1630 and 1631. The festivals include religious ceremonies and other events such as markets, fairs, and special shows.

And if you are going there in an odd-numbered year, consider taking a tour of the “Biennale”, the famous modern art exhibition taking place in the city between June and November.

What’s stopping you from booking your ticket right away? Do it now, and enjoy your holiday in Venice!


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