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When Is The Best Time To Visit Venice Italy

Everyone knows Venice is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Europe but in the world. Every year, millions of tourists come and visit “La Serenissima”, the jewel of the Italian north-east coast. But when is the best time to visit Venice, Italy?

When Is The Best Time To Visit Venice Italy

As with every other city, some periods and seasons are better than others to enjoy a better weather or because of a particular festival. In Venice, however, another factor to take into account is the “acqua alta” (high water), the periodical flooding caused not only by the city’s seaside location but also by the presence of the canals the city is famous for.

Spring, especially in the later phase of the season, is one of the best and most popular times to visit Venice, as is early summer. The days are warm without being stifling and it is a pleasure to walk along the canals and enjoy everything the city has to offer. Also, this is the period the Biennale of Art takes place, every other year.

This world-renowned showcase for art runs from June into November and attracts many tourists. However, this time of year is the peak season, so finding accommodation both in Venice and in the surrounding areas can be quite difficult, crowds are everywhere and the queues to visit museums and sights can be fairly long. Being a bank holiday, Venice on May 1st is exceptionally crowded – especially if there is a long weekend involved – so you might want to avoid that week if you are not fond of crowds.

Mid and late summer are also popular periods to visit Venice although the city tends to be quite hot and humid. Nonetheless, the many open-air markets and festivals such as the Festa del Redentore still attract a lot of people.

This celebration takes place on the third weekend in July at the Chiesa del Redentore, a church located on the island of Giudecca just across the bay from Piazza San Marco, the famous square. Venetians celebrate the festival by building a pontoon bridge over the water, enjoying food festivals and fireworks, and competing in a gondola regatta.

Fall and winter are the least popular times to visit Venice because of the flooding season which usually starts in October and ends in January. These dates cannot however be accurate as different weather conditions must be taken into account. Moreover, while weather in the fall is milder, winter can be quite harsh due to the cold winds off the Adriatic Sea whistling through the alleys. It is however a good time if you would rather avoid crowds and get a bargain price on accommodation – a definite plus in this expensive city.

But when is the best time to visit Venice, Italy, really? An exception to tourist seasonal trends is the Carnival. This famous event takes place in late February or early March, according to Christian festivities, and it includes two weeks of revelry. The beautiful shows, costumes, and masks are a sight to behold, yet this is the time most tourists choose to visit Venice and the crowds can be quite overwhelming. However, it is something everyone should see at least once in a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a date and book your holiday in Venice today.


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