Your visit here in Venice is not a simple tourist passage… but it will be the experience of living the atmosphere of an enchanted city to be part of it, to loving it and to be able to know it is most hidden heart.

We don’t want to offer you only an aseptic and marvellous hotel room, but instead, a comfortable place with ”our family”, in a 15th century house that it is equipped with all comforts ,without renounced its popular charm. We want to offer you an hidden flat in the most characteristic places of the truest city.  We don’t want you to simply come and visit Venice as it is … but we hope that when you will go back home, you can say that you lived it for real the idea of having been an authentic Venetian for a few days..

Choose the type of accommodation that best suits your needs:

Modern apartment

For couples, romantic
1 room - 4 people

Standard 1 apartment

Central and quiet
1 room - 3 people

Family apartment

Relax with friends
1 room - 4 people

Classic 2 apartment

friends and large families
2 rooms - 7 people

Standard 2 apartment

Venetian style for connoisseurs
2 rooms - 5 people max

Economy apartment

Comfort at the right price
1 room - 4 people

Classic 3 apartment

Space and freedom
3 rooms - 10 people


Let's eat out
Rooms for 2 to 4 people
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